About BioIT

Why We Founded BioIT Solutions

Over more than two decades managing and developing IT systems for life science companies, we observed the frustration that many scientists and managers felt when automating their processes.

Typical packaged IT systems are inflexible, either requiring you to make substantial customizations or to bend your process to fit system capabilities. Furthermore, the vertical nature of packaged systems compels life sciences companies to invest in multiple products to achieve full automation. The end result is a series of disconnected vertical systems, held together with manual processes.

We founded BioIT Solutions to offer a different approach.

What We Do

Our experience as pioneers in high-volume sequencing data management inspired us to address the information management needs of life science companies with an adaptable, user friendly and cost effective solution.  The result is our 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite®, an informatics platform designed to integrate multiple scientific and business processes into a flexible and easily deployed solution.

Configurable web-based applications are assembled on the platform and tailored to each customer’s specifications and needs for the management of:

  • Samples, materials, and inventory
  • Workflow
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Security and compliance

We engineer adaptability into our solutions, delivering systems that easily extend to new functions, accommodate changes in technology, and evolve along with business and scientific practices. Moreover, we recognize that all aspects of a business are tied together and that information should flow seamlessly across functions (and even across and outside company boundaries).

Who We Serve

Our customers include emerging life science companies as well as multi-national pharmaceutical companies. Our solutions are tailored for

The breadth of our experience makes us an ideal partner for early-stage companies, as well as those with legacy systems in need of modernization.