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BioIT Solutions enables life science companies to focus on core activities by removing information management obstacles – inflexible software solutions, integration with other solutions, gaps in functionality.  Our customers benefit from tailored and adaptable solutions while avoiding rigidity, expense and operational inefficiencies.

We have the tools and expertise to translate your procedures into practical and adaptable workflow applications with modern and easy-to-use interfaces.

Our Advantage is Built on 3 Key Pillars – Experience, Approach, and Platform


Company founders, pioneers in the development of IT systems for the biotechnology industry, have worked in the life science sector for over 20 years in a variety of information-technology capacities, including senior positions as CIO, and directors of Bioinformatics, Quality Systems and Clinical Systems.

We have managed the demanding requirements of genomic research and bioinformatics, the complexity of drug development projects and the challenges of launching clinical operations and product development functions.

The BioIT Solutions team bridges the gap between scientific data analysis and business applications with a level of fluidity not seen elsewhere in the industry. Our ability to solve both business and scientific problems is the foundation for our customer solutions.


Our methodology relies on an agile, iterative approach wherein customers guide the refinement of the 1PLATFORM4® Software Suite as functionality evolves to meet their needs.

  • Engagement: The process begins with an expert review of your needs resulting in a proposal, all within 3 days.
  • Deployment: We rapidly deploy our 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite. Within a few weeks (usually 4 – 6), you begin productive work with an initial version of the system, gaining experience and influencing the next iteration where specification objects and rules are added and changed. Your system evolves organically in a manner that fits the way you work. You experience little, if any, disruption of your operations.
  • Support: You get to work and we continue to provide support and platform upgrades. We add new applications as you need them.


The 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite is purpose built for emerging and established life science companies. It seamlessly combines common functions such as sample tracking and workflow into a unified, end-to end process that fully automates customer operations. By focusing on high-value transactions and data, we quickly transform customer operations and help unlock new opportunities.

  • 1PLATFORM4 integrates multiple tasks by assembling configurable applications that are tuned to our customer’s specific technology and work practices, automating many manual steps performed by scientists, research associates and managers.
  • We support IT functions of life science companies with convenient web-like applications.
  • 1PLATFORM4 is delivered over the internet and hosted in world-class data centers.
  • A comprehensive quality system governs infrastructure, network, software development and support.  Our platform supports the needs of customers working in regulated environments with compliant software solutions.

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