Information Management Applications

BioIT Solutions has developed an innovative platform, the 1PLATFORM4® Software Suite, to integrate multiple processes in a logical, consistent and responsive work environment.

The suite consists of a software platform on which various configurable web-based applications are assembled and tailored to each customer’s specifications and needs. User-defined applications transform complicated tasks into routine activities.  Applications include:

  • Sample and Material Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Security and Compliance

Sample, Material and Inventory Management

  • Accession and bar code samples
  • Receive materials and inventory (prepared in house or purchased)
  • Relocate samples and materials
  • Manage orders for materials and inventory
  • Create sample plans for preclinical and clinical studies including collection site, type, expected collection and processing dates, processing lab, test method, and storage location
  • Associate documents and data with samples or materials
  • Dispose of samples and materials
  • Determine status of samples and materials, e.g., quantity on hand
  • Manage samples and materials with an integrated repository visual display, flexible material catalog, and web-based dashboards

Workflow Management

  • Create and revise protocols, work instruction, bills of materials, COAs
  • Plan and design experiments and studies
  • Automatically apply rules for reflex and confirmatory testing
  • Manage required approvals, e.g., IACUC, with online review and approval process

Analysis and Reporting

  • Process data with automated quality control checks and analysis methods
  • Review results of analytical testing; drill down to raw data such as gel images, chromatograms, or slide stains
  • Analyze and present results with configurable data tables

Security and Compliance

  • Information protected by secure 256-bit encryption and web application firewall
  • Data validation and systems validation
  • Secure portals using industry standards (HL7, XML, EHR)
  • Vulnerability assessments conducted routinely to verify systems security

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