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BioIT Solutions to Exhibit at SLAS2014 in San Diego

Join BioIT Solutions and over 5,500 leading researchers, technologists, engineers, and laboratory professionals for five impactful days of education, innovation and community from January 18-22, at SLAS2014 in San Diego. BioIT Solutions will be at Booth 1346 on the Exhibit Floor. Stop by to see our software solutions in action. 1Platform4 DiagnosticsTM is gaining recognition […]

BioIT Solutions moves to RagingWire

Last Thursday, I visited the BioIT Solutions Data Center at RagingWire in Ashburn, Virginia. RagingWire is a California based company that has established a presence in the thriving Internet corridor in Ashburn, Virginia. We recently decided to move our computing infrastructure to RagingWire and wanted to see how the facility was built and learn a […]

The Cloud: Don’t Miss the Real Opportunity

The Cloud is becoming more accepted by business. Provisioning speed, combined with reduced startup costs and demand elasticity are now well understood by IT departments. And this is tipping the balance towards cloud adoption. It is quite painless to stand up a host on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). And one can then install the […]

BioIT Solutions at 2013 Next Generation Dx Summit

BioIT Solutions was honored to be a sponsor at the 2013 Next Generation Dx Summit, held Aug 20-22 in Capital Hill, Washington DC. Attendees heard from a number of industry luminaries, including our very own president, Mike Fannon. Mike spoke about the need for emerging diagnostics companies to make an early investment in comprehensive enterprise […]

Get the Jump on your Life Science Competitors

I’m intrigued by the velocity of web based companies.  I just read an account of Instagram.  They were founded in late 2010 and sold themselves to Facebook a mere 551 days later for $1B.  Companies that compete on the web have to move quickly, adapt to customer preference, and execute pivots in a matter of […]

Jailbreak : Get Your Organization Out of “Data Jail”

I just read an article in the Harvard Business Review by Aaron Levie entitled How to Compete When IT Is Abundant. He posits that “We’re in the early days of yet another seismic shift in IT, this time driven by mobile devices, the cloud, and a demand for technology experiences that match the simplicity of […]

Pony Up – We Need Your Best People

By Bob Beliveau. In a former position, I used to lead an IT group. One of my duties was to meet with “the business” and discuss potential IT projects. A key message during these discussions was the need to devote resources to the project if it was going to be successful. We’d ask the business […]

Free your QA Department from 100% inspection

Life Sciences companies are regulated by the FDA and must abide by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP), and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). A cornerstone of these regulations is to establish an internal oversight function; typically called Quality Assurance or QA. QA has a number of responsibilities within a typical company including […]

Getting your Automation Projects off the Ground – Just do it!

By Bob Beliveau. At BioIT Solutions, one of our core principles is to learn from experience. Rather than initially building a large, comprehensive system, we counsel our customers to carve out a modest set of capabilities and get the system operational quickly. Once the system is in production, we often find that our pre-implementation concepts […]