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Turning the Steering Wheel Around

Business moves fast. Companies need to react quickly to new opportunities and their business software needs to adapt just as quickly. Waiting for the IT guy to apply changes can really slow a business down. So if you’re creating software for business, you should strive to make your customers as self-sufficient as possible. When considering […]

Theory of Constraints: Forgotten Process Improvement Method

You can’t work in a modern corporation without being exposed to the two prevailing process improvement methodologies; Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Six Sigma focuses on reducing variability in an effort to produce consistent outcomes, (i.e. uniform widgets). Lean Manufacturing aims to reduce waste; thereby increasing productivity and throughput. Although not formally trained in either […]

Moving to the Cloud

By Bob Beliveau. We’ve reached a tipping point where companies are comfortable moving their systems to the cloud. The cost savings, combined with the speed of implementation now outweigh concerns about hosting systems offsite. But internet based systems offer opportunities for collaboration that traditional packaged systems cannot capitalize on.

The Best of Both: Custom versus Packaged IT Solutions

By Bob Beliveau. Part of any IT project is the build-buy decision. Are the system requirements unique enough to merit a custom solution, or can they be satisfied with a package product and a bit of configuration? Is the business process being automated a core, differentiating process, or is it a “back office” process such […]

Transforming the Local Area Network to a new enterprise model

The traditional enterprise software model thinks of the business as a single structure, a building, within which you wire different functions together to run the enterprise. When deployed, these systems behave like the “Heavy Iron” tagline that they have earned over the years. Inflexible and difficult to manage, they typically require a maintenance crew and […]