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Clinical Diagnostics: An Internet Business?

By Mike Fannon.  Personalized medicine promises to deliver treatments tailored to an individual and their specific disease characteristics.  The approach represents a big leap in the practice of medicine and can result in more effective and lower cost prevention and treatment.  A prerequisite to achieving the aspirations of personalized medicine is a new class of […]

Learning from Experience

By Mike Fannon. During my long tenure with Human Genome Sciences (from late 1992 through 2005), I had the good fortune to participate in a biotech startup from the ground floor.  It was a real learning experience to work for an entrepreneurial company staking a claim on the genomic frontier in the mid 1990s.

Bio Cloud Operating System

Here is an introduction to how we have implemented a new vision for Biotech Informatics: 1. Combining a classical standard architecture with advanced networking tools allow for powerful, flexible, and very efficient deployment of the most complex workflows. This is crucial when workflows are still under technology development, a perpetual situation in some active R&D environments. […]