Bio Cloud Operating System

Here is an introduction to how we have implemented a new vision for Biotech Informatics:

1. Combining a classical standard architecture with advanced networking tools allow for powerful, flexible, and very efficient deployment of the most complex workflows. This is crucial when workflows are still under technology development, a perpetual situation in some active R&D environments.

2. Roles-based interaction™ makes complex and collaborative business processes both controllable and observable. The resulting work environment is uncluttered and simple for each user, while process managers have custom views of all tasks and can adjust and control.

3. Innovative Apps capture subject matter expertise and allow for streamlining the enterprise, as opposed to clustering software from multiple vendors – many without biotech expertise. The built in SME in BioIT Apps save months in deployment and allow for hands-on process development and input by all stakeholders.

Our model can be graphically summarized:

Integrated web based Apps with Subject Matter ExpertiseMake it easy to use
Roles-based Interactive dashboardMake it easy to control
BioIT Portal PlatformMake it easy to deploy
ServiceSecure and Reliable
Operating SystemStay with standards
EquipmentYours, ours, or Data Center
NetworkWeb, LAN, or secure PVN


Over the next few weeks, I will discuss and demonstrate how this model has been used to deploy systems as diverse as a reagent catalog and inventory manager, a multi-lab Diagnostics business process controller, and remote presence and LIMS for an advanced cancer screening system.