Lot Trace Trees – A Key Requirement for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Lot traceability is a key requirement for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.  Companies who can quickly assess the relationships between ingredients, intermediates, and drug products have an edge.  In the enclosed video, we discuss the building blocks for assembling a trace tree and explore the advantages of having a real-time, navigable system that ties analytics, process data, inventory, and documentation into a unified user-interface.

A Lot Trace Tree allows you to:

  • Explore product relationships and lot genealogy.
  • Investigate manufacturing anomalies and identify affected materials and processes.
  • Ensure consistency as you move your product towards commercialization.

If you are considering a new information management system to support your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, consider 1PLATFORM4® Manufacturing by BioIT Solutions.

To learn more, view our 1PLATFORM4® Manufacturing video >>