BioIT Solutions is excited to be a sponsor for Gene Acres 2024 on May 30th in Vacaville, CA.  Come join us to discuss the latest trends in biomanufacturing.   Hosted by the California Biomanufacturing Center (CBC) and California Life Sciences, Gene Acres 2024 will address a variety of topics including incubators, biomanufacturing, sustainable solutions, and facility management.

BioIT Solutions will be demonstrating 1Platform4® Manufacturing, the “Digital On Ramp” for emerging biotech.  We combine warehouse management (WMS), materials resource planning (MRP), electronic batch records (EBR), and laboratory information management (LIMS) into one unified system thereby establishing a digital thread that spans departmental boundaries, supports data integrity, and promotes collaboration.

Stop by the the BioIT Solutions exhibit booth to see 1Platform4® Manufacturing in action.  Looking forward to seeing you there!