Foundation for Adaptable IT Solutions

Our 1PLATFORM4® Software Suite, designed for emerging and established life science companies, consists of a software foundation on which various configurable web-like applications are assembled and tailored to each customer’s specific technology and work practices.

We quickly transform customer operations and help unlock new opportunities. The 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite is readily adaptable to each customer’s scientific and business practices. Our customers benefit from enhanced agility and efficiency while operating in a secure and compliant environment.


Many IT systems force you to conform to their rigid operations and/or make you pay for expensive customizations.  We, at BioIT, have a different philosophy: we engineer adaptability into our 1Platform4 Software Suite.

What does this mean for you?  It means agility.  You don’t have to wait for computer system updates or improvements.  With the 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite, we quickly add new functions, accommodate changes in technology and evolve as your business and scientific practices grow and change.

We recognize that all aspects of a business are tied together and that information should flow seamlessly across functions.


Our customers benefit from tailored solutions and innovative applications which improve operational efficiency allowing your staff more time to achieve their objectives. With the 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite:

  • Complicated tasks are transformed into routine activities with user-defined applications. Manual steps performed by scientists, research associates, and managers are automated.
  • Integration tools connect to external systems and laboratory instruments.
  • Roles-based interactions make complex and collaborative processes both controllable and observable. The resulting work environment is uncluttered and simple for each user, while process managers have custom views of all tasks and can adjust and control.

Expenses related to software license and data entry labor are reduced with the implementation of the 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite.


Our 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite is delivered over the internet and hosted in world-class data centers.

  • Your data is safeguarded – it is secure, accessible and searchable.
  • Data is controlled by a flexible roles management engine.
  • Changes are audited and easily traceable.

The 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite is based on widely supported technologies (SQL Server, Microsoft ASP.NET, web browser access).

Our comprehensive quality system ensures operational consistency and governs all activities with regard to infrastructure, network, software development and support.  We verify systems security with routine vulnerability assessments.  Years of experience delivering compliant solutions to regulated customers are applied to every customer solution.

Beyond LIMS

Whereas research technologies and diagnostic techniques vary dramatically, we identified a set of needs that is common to life science organizations.  With this realization, BioIT developed the 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite to integrate scientific and business processes in a logical, consistent and responsive work environment.

Our platform provides a stark contrast to the typical LIMS approach of implementing separate systems for each function or relying on a patchwork of spreadsheets and documents. The 1PLATFORM4 Suite supports most functions that a typical life science organization needs including R&D, product development, clinical operations, manufacturing and compliance; all in a seamless, integrated environment.

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