Clinical Trial Sample Management

Are you frustrated by having to search multiple spreadsheets to find the clinical trial data you need?

Do you spend hours to determine if patient samples are missing from a clinical trial?

Has your staff labored to produce those “all important”
key performance indicators you need for senior management?

Address these issues and more with

BioIT Solutions’ 1Platform4® Clinical Sample Management System

Sample management for even the most complex clinical trial designs

Confidently Manage Clinical Trial Samples

Expedite planning and scheduling with a trial-specific sampling plan.

Efficiently manage sample inventory with a central sample repository.

Identify missing samples by syncing the sample plan with manifests.

Facilitate gene/cell therapy and precision medicine trials with advanced traceability and genealogy tools.

Streamline Sample Processing and Data Analysis

Automate workflow tracking and reporting for samples processed in-house.

Slash the time for report generation, statistical analysis, and graph generation.

Easily move from data analysis to report generation across all your studies.

Assuredly Manage Regulatory Filings, Inspections, and Security

Facilitate preparation for regulatory filing with our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system – readily find all the items you need for regulatory filings (IND or BLA).

For partner or regulatory inspections, have the data you need at your fingertips.

Ensure system security across your organization.

1PLATFORM4 in Action

View a few examples of 1PLATFORM4 Clinical Trial Sample Management

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