Clinical Trial Sample Management

Beyond LIMS

Streamline your clinical trial operations with BioIT Solutions’ 1PLATFORM4® Clinical Trial Sample Management Software Suite. We combine our IT expertise gained from decades of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry with our adaptable 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite to provide solutions that are rapidly deployed in a cost-effective manner.

  • Quickly and easily develop a trial-specific sampling plan and schedule
  • Efficiently track and manage sample inventory including location and status
  • Reduce the time to pinpoint missing samples and identify sample-related issues by syncing the sample plan with sample manifests
  • Automate workflow tracking and reporting for clinical trial samples processed in house
  • Track all aspects of lifecycle for your clinical trial samples from collection to storage and final disposition

Simplify the management of samples from your clinical trials and expedite sample tracking for even the most complex clinical trial designs with our integrated IT solution.

1PLATFORM4 in Action

View a few examples of 1PLATFORM4 Clinical Trial Sample Management

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