Molecular Diagnostics

Beyond LIMS

We combine our IT expertise in handling genomic and proteomic data with our flexible 1PLATFORM4® Molecular Diagnostics Software Suite to provide solutions that are rapidly deployed and customized in a cost-effective manner.

  • Manage workflows with increased efficiency
  • Capture and analyze high volume genomic and proteomic data
  • Ensure data integrity and security to meet regulatory requirements
  • Enhance and simplify patient report preparation
  • Interface seamlessly with third party providers, insurers and physicians
  • Integrate existing systems into a single user interface

Our customers benefit from an integrated and versatile system designed to streamline complex operations from sample accessioning to final report and billing.

Customer Spotlights

Read our customer spotlights to learn how we expedited operations and improved client and partner interactions for CLIA-certified laboratories with our 1PLATFORM4 Molecular Diagnostics Software Suite.

The BioIT portal is so flexible, it’s allowed us to pivot quickly and offer new
tests that show commercial promise.

Report preparation is now automated and customized for partner laboratories. Auto-generated email alerts them to report availability.

“BioIT has provided OTraces with software development, IT support and key advice on
laboratory operations for over three years. We at OTraces consider BioIT to be more than
just a vendor, but a partner. They have helped us develop key software for diagnosing
cancer through a simple blood test.

1PLATFORM4 Capabilities

Bob Beliveau demonstrates the data partitioning, roles management, and branding capabilities of our 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite for Molecular Diagnostics.

Blog Posts

Your Lab Doesn’t Need a LIMS

By Bob Beliveau. Many labs begin operations by capturing data in spreadsheets. Excel is ubiquitous and versatile, and the ability to add new columns to capture unforeseen data is a plus. Furthermore, instrument vendors provide spreadsheet export capabilities that make Excel data exchanges natural. As data volume grows and the lab processes mature, it becomes […]

Clinical Diagnostics: An Internet Business?

By Mike Fannon.  Personalized medicine promises to deliver treatments tailored to an individual and their specific disease characteristics.  The approach represents a big leap in the practice of medicine and can result in more effective and lower cost prevention and treatment.  A prerequisite to achieving the aspirations of personalized medicine is a new class of […]

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