By Bob Beliveau.

Part of any IT project is the build-buy decision. Are the system requirements unique enough to merit a custom solution, or can they be satisfied with a package product and a bit of configuration? Is the business process being automated a core, differentiating process, or is it a “back office” process such as payroll or timesheets. These questions help guide that decision. Over the past decade, Life Sciences companies have opted for package systems for more and more of their information management needs. Or they have neglected them altogether and left associates to fend for themselves with Word, Excel, Email and network shares. The end result is a series of disconnected vertical systems, held together with manual processes.

At BioIT Solutions, we approach the problem differently. We build horizontally. We recognize that all aspects of a business are tied together and that information should flow seamlessly across functions (and even across company boundaries). The BioIT 1PLATFORM4® Software Suite is a software platform that encapsulates our approach to IT systems development. It accelerates implementation, while still providing the flexibility of custom software development. This means you can have the best of both; the attractive price point of a packaged system, with the “custom fit” of a software project.