BioIT Solutions is a leading software provider to the Biotech industry.   We provide flagship applications for Manufacturing, Clinical, Molecular, and Research which are based on our revolutionary 1Platform4® software suite.  Biotech companies operate in a dynamic industry and need adaptable software and seasoned professionals who understand their unique challenges.  Our solutions are underpinned by a robust, secure, and regulatory-aware framework that brings a “whole-solution” approach to  information management challenges.

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Your Digital On Ramp

The 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite provides a stark contrast to the typical enterprise approach of implementing separate systems for each function.

  • Systems are implemented quickly
    • Initial functions are up and running in a few weeks
    • We adapt system functionality based on real-world use
  • Our team of experts helps each customer with implementation
    • We provide Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Training
    • We deploy risk-based validation testing suitable for FDA/EHR regulators
  • Additional modules can be installed as needs arise and requirements evolve
    • Leverage existing investments by expanding functionality
    • Create a “Digital Thread” that connects your company and promotes collaboration

Agility in a Secure and Compliant Evironment

Because the 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite is readily adaptable to each customer’s scientific and business practices, our customers benefit from enhanced agility.

  • We engineer adaptability into our solutions, delivering systems that quickly and easily extend to new functions, accommodate changes in technology, and evolve along with business and scientific practices.
  • Regulatory compliance features are integrated into each solutions, making compliance straightforward.

Applications Tailored for You

Manage and protect your samples, materials, data and workflows with BioIT Solutions’ 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite. Read More

Solutions for Life Science

The 1PLATFORM4 Software Suite is tailored for the life science industry, enabling laboratory and operations staff to focus on their core tasks. Read More

Developed by Industry Pioneers

Company founders, pioneers in the development of IT systems for the biotechnology industry, have worked in the life science sector for over 20 years in a variety of information-technology capacities, including senior positions as CIO, and directors of Bioinformatics, Quality Systems and Clinical Systems.

We have managed the demanding IT requirements of genomic research and bioinformatics, the complexity of drug development projects and the challenges of clinical operations and product development.

The BioIT Solutions team bridges the gap between scientific data analysis and business applications with a level of fluidity not seen elsewhere in the industry. Our ability to solve both business and scientific problems is the foundation for our customer solutions.

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