BioIT Solutions at 2013 Next Generation Dx Summit

BioIT Solutions was honored to be a sponsor at the 2013 Next Generation Dx Summit, held Aug 20-22 in Capital Hill, Washington DC. Attendees heard from a number of industry luminaries, including our very own president, Mike Fannon. Mike spoke about the need for emerging diagnostics companies to make an early investment in comprehensive enterprise solutions. Mike presented several customer case studies, including NeoDiagnostix where patient reports can be securely delivered over the web. Kalen Biomedical uses our software to comprehensively track reagent manufacturing. OncoPlexDx performs sophisticated multi-marker
Mike Fannon, of BioIT Solutions at the 2013 Next Gen Dx Summit

diagnostics and uses web services to interface with a reimbursement company. OTraces is validating their breast cancer diagnostic at Russia’s leading cancer research center and the BioIT Solutions web-based offering can support their operations with ease. Finally, NXPharmagen was buried under a pile of spreadsheets, but now uses the BioIT platform to analyze and interpret Biomarker data.

These companies recognize the shift in expectations brought about by modern internet and mobility technologies, including:

  • Physicians, patients and business partners expect convenient, on-line access
  • Virtual companies must be able to collaborate effectively over the internet
  • Advanced diagnostics require sophisticated information management and analysis tools

In Mike’s view, the keys to building an Enterprise Solution for emerging diagnostics companies are:

  • Informatics and Research should develop concurrently, not sequentially
  • Support the entire diagnostics lifecycle, from sample receipt, laboratory processing, reagent supply, report preparation, approvals, billing and sales force analysis
  • Enable physicians and partners to access their information via secure web portals that reflect your brand and reinforce customer relationships
  • Tools must be adaptive, yet support regulatory and business requirements for data integrity, traceability, and auditability
  • Strive for a single source of truth

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